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Preschool Special Education 101: From Rule to Implementation

PSE 101 | Preschool Special Education 101

Understanding the Laws, Rules & Policies that Guide Preschool Special Education in Ohio

Preschool Special Education can be complex to navigate. These learning modules have been created and designed to provide key information on preschool special education topics.

These self-paced online learning modules from the Ohio Department of Education are designed to provide critical information for administrators and professionals on the federal, state and local laws that protect and support students with disabilities.

Those working in special education must understand and follow a wide variety of rules and policies regarding topics such as confidentiality but also be aware of laws directed to identify children with disabilities and protect the rights of students and families. These modules will review required information and include the following elements:

Video explanations from
State leaders

Interactive elements designed
to enhance learning

Case study examples with
knowledge checks

Preschool Special Education 101 Modules

Child Find

This module focuses on understanding Child Find. Professionals will learn about the federal and state requirements to locate, identify, and serve children with disabilities in preschool special education.

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This module focuses on understanding confidentiality. Protecting student privacy is a critical element of education and it will be important to understand the federal laws that surround educational records.

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Procedural Safeguards

This module focuses on procedural safeguards. Procedural safeguards ensure parent's rights throughout a child's special education services.

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Transportation of Preschool Children with Disabilities

This module focuses on transportation. Transportation means travel to and from school, between schools, and in and around school buildings, during normal school hours and outside of normal school hours if included on the individual education program.

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Full individual initial preschool evaluations must be conducted before special education and related services may begin. There are many components to the preschool evaluation process. Procedures must be in place before, during, and after the evaluation occurs.

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Free Appropriate Public Education

All children with disabilities are guaranteed the right to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). This means that under the IDEA law, all children with disabilities are afforded an educational program that is individualized to a specific child, that meets that child’s unique needs.

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Individualized Education Program (IEP)

This self-paced module is focused on the Individualized Education Program, or IEP. The IEP is the document that maintains the agreement between education personnel and the family. It details all of the who, what, where, and when of the supports, services, goals, and the child’s access to the general education curriculum.

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Delivery of Services

Delivery of services is a critical element of special education that encompasses how a preschool child with a disability will receive the special education supports and services as written in the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

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