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Where will your path take you?

Learning Pathways

Finding information, resources, and training to meet your unique needs when it comes to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can take a different path. The Center for the Young Child's learning pathways support each person's journey towards earlier identification.

The Learner Path

Learners on this path increase their understanding of autism spectrum disorder. Participants will identify key characteristics of autism spectrum disorder.

Many Faces of Autism

This introductory module presents information about unique characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including social-communication, restricted interests and patterns of behavior, sensory, cognition and information processing, and emotional regulation. Five simple strategies are introduced that may be used anytime, anywhere with young children, students, and adults with ASD.

Estimated Time to Complete Module: 90 minutes

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Autism Internet Modules
Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Early Interventionists

This introductory, self-paced module presents information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) characteristics, family perspectives related to developmental concerns, and an overview of current evidence-based practices for intervention.

Estimated Time to Complete Module: 120 minutes

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The Doer Path

Doers review early indicators and developmental concerns related to ASD. Participants will be equipped to discuss concerns and locate appropriate resources to share with families.

Indicators for ASD and Tools to Assist with Early ID

This online module prepares early childhood professionals to define autism, identify early indicators, and share developmental concerns related to ASD. Professionals will enhance their skills in recognizing signs of autism in young children and reinforce the importance of developmental monitoring and screening along with sharing resources with families.

Estimated Time to Complete: 5 hours

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Talking with Families About Concerns

This online module prepares early childhood professionals to summarize best practices when talking with families about developmental concerns, consider how to prepare for difficult conversations, and identify resources and strategies for sharing concerns related to ASD with families.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

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Supporting Caregivers Through the Diagnostic Journey

This online module prepares early childhood professionals to describe the ways they can support families though the ASD diagnostic process, outline different areas of support, and identify reliable sources of information to share with families.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

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Diagnostic Criteria I Communicating and Collaborating with Professionals

This online module prepares early childhood professionals to define the diagnostic criteria for ASD and summarize the benefits of communication and collaboration with families and professionals across systems.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

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The Grower Path

Growers are those who regularly utilize developmental screening tools. Participants will be prepared to select appropriate autism screening tools and establish plans for community coordination of earlier identification.

Screening for Autism Training

Early Intervention professionals equipped with the knowledge and expertise to recognize early autism indicators and discuss concerns with families and want to pursue additional training in autism-specific screening tools.

This will be a scheduled webinar, please indicate interest here:

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This module provides an overview of the TELE-ASD-PEDS tool which is designed for use by providers and families during a telehealth assessment for autism. The TELE-ASD-PEDS tool allows providers to walk families through tasks with their child while professionals observe the possible presence of autism symptoms. The tool was designed for use with children under 36 months of age who have been referred due to concerns for possible autism spectrum disorder and developed through Vanderbilt Medical Center's TRIAD program.

Estimated Time to Complete: 3 hours

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Growing Capacity in the Community

The Leader Path

Leaders include multidisciplinary teams which coordinate with medical/community partners for early diagnosis. Teams on this path will evaluate organizational needs leading to earlier identification and implement plans for quality improvement.

Diagnostic Collaboration

Early Intervention teams with professionals equipped to recognize early autism indicators and are interested and/or using standardized diagnostic evaluation tools to collaborate with medical/community partners working towards earlier identification. This includes ADEP (Autism Diagnostic Education Project) teams.

Please indicate interest for your team to evaluate your organizational needs and develop a quality improvement plan leading to earlier identification in your community.

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