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OCALI ID is your passport to different OCALI-operated sites under one log in and password. Our users are accessing different sites daily and may not realize they are interacting with sites that are supported by OCALI. OCALI ID makes it easy – it's the one account that gives you access to the following sites:

As part of our mission to inspire change and promote access to opportunities for people with disabilities, OCALI is a trusted provider of web platform services for organizations who share in this mission.

During the course of its work of aggregating research and linking it to real-life strategies, OCALI has honed the process and systems that are needed to successfully communicate in a web-based platform with our audiences.

We understand how online content is managed.
We understand how to best deliver online learning and training.
We understand accessibility of functionality and content.
We understand the continuing education unit process and have integrated it into our functionality.
We have subject matter expertise that can be leveraged to benefit your program if desired.