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OCALI’s Center for the Young Child
Education Station

We‘re glad you stopped by! This is a “one-stop-shop“ for early childhood professional learning in Ohio. You are going to find pertinent resources and training for all early childhood sectors here.

Be sure to keep coming back as the resources grow.

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Now Introducing...

Four vital components of the Ohio PROMISE initiative to Promote Resources, Opportunities, and Meaningful Inclusion through Support and Education to early care and education providers, families, and the public.

Early Childhood Inclusion Center of Excellence (CoE)

The CoE provides innovative resources, professional development, and practice-based consultation and coaching to early care and education professionals and families throughout the state.

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Professional Early Childhood Inclusion Credential (PECIC)

The first level of the PECIC is now available! This credential raises the level of awareness, knowledge, competency, and confidence of all professionals to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all children.

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Inclusive Child Care Program (ICCP) Designation

The designation is available to all ODJFS licensed child care centers and family child care homes and ODE preschool and school-age programs

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Child Care Choice Program Voucher

The voucher is available to families of children with special needs who are not eligible for publicly funded child care (PFCC).

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Find resources related to OhioPROMISE and tailored to the needs of families.

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Featured Resources

Suite of Resources: Inclusive Early Care and Education Series

Designed for early care and education professionals, these modules will build your knowledge about critical early childhood topics for diverse learners and inclusive environments. Each module provides information and resources to use in your setting right away.

Learn More about Suite of Resources: Inclusive Early Care and Education Series

Preschool Special Education 101 Series

Preschool Special Education can be complex to navigate and includes a wide range of laws, rules, policies, and procedures. These modules from the Ohio Department of Education provide online learning opportunities focused on these critical topics.

Learn More about Preschool Special Education 101 Series

ID Early for ASD

Finding information, resources, and training to meet your unique needs when it comes to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can take a different path. The Center for the Young Child‘s learning pathways support each person‘s journey towards earlier identification.

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Early Childhood Universal Access

The Universal Access Module series is comprised of presentations based on CARA‘s Kit adaptations to promote meaningful inclusion of all children in early care and education settings. This series provides professionals with an understanding of the foundations of early childhood inclusion and simple first steps any professional should take to build an environment that supports the individual participation and learning of each child.

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The PBIS and Young Learners Series

The PBIS and Young Learners series of modules is focused on implementing the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework with young children in early childhood settings through third grade. These modules may be beneficial for administrators, classroom personnel, family members and other school, program or community members who are involved in, and want to support, PBIS implementation.

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