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Early Childhood Universal Access

Module Series

The Universal Access Module series is comprised of presentations based on CARA's Kit (Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities) adaptations to promote meaningful inclusion of all children in early care and education settings. This series provides professionals with an understanding of the foundations of early childhood inclusion and simple first steps any professional should take to build an environment that supports the individual participation and learning of each child.

The modules in the Early Childhood Universal Access series may be done at your own pace; however, starting with the Welcoming All Children module helps provide all learners with a solid, foundational understanding of the goals and objectives of the entire series. Once you feel comfortable with the content in this first module, keep going! Five more modules will be added soon so check back periodically for updates.

Welcoming All Children

This module focuses on strength-based approaches to describing children, early childhood settings, and professionals so that everyone is welcome. Participants will examine the meaning of inclusion, learn to reframe perspectives in order to ensure all children experience meaningful participation in early care and education programs.

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Adaptations & Assistive Technology Interventions

This module explains the value of adaptations and assistive technology to improve children's participation and learning. A variety of instructional strategies and examples of adaptations in practice within common routines and activities are discussed as they relate to increasing participation and learning of all children.

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Supporting Participation with CARA's Kit

This module describes how to use CARA's Kit to promote the participation of all children in your setting. Participants will learn how basic CARA ideas for adapting typical routines and activities in infant to preschool-aged early childhood settings increase engagement and participation.

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Coming Soon

Additional Universal Access modules will be added soon. To learn more about the Early Childhood Inclusion Center of Excellence and receive information on new modules, please visit the Early Childhood Inclusion Center of Excellence and join our mailing list.