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Module Overview

Supporting Caregivers Through the Diagnostic Journey

ID Early for ASD

This module prepares early childhood professionals to describe ways professionals can support families through the diagnostic process, outline areas of support, and identify reliable sources of information related to ASD utilizing a combination of video, research articles, and online resources. Content covered in this module reviews various diagnostic pathways, supporting families through discovery, navigation, connecting, networking, and accessing services.

Designed for Early Intervention professionals, this module is part of a broader series that offers information and resources on critical elements promoting the earlier identification of autism. Learners are encouraged to complete Indicators for ASD and Tools to Assist with Early ID and Talking with Families About Concerns modules before starting this training in the series.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe ways professionals can support families through the ASD diagnostic process
  • Outline areas of support professionals can provide during the diagnostic journey
  • Identify reliable sources of information to share with families
Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Module Developers:

Jessica E. A. Foster, MD, MPH, FAAP, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician and Maggie Gons, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

Module Content

You can download a document that includes all content from the module, with the exception of videos. This resource can support your learning while completing the module or be saved for future reference.

Reflection Questions

The Reflection Questions document can be downloaded at any time and used in a variety of ways. You can view it before starting your work so that you know which questions will be asked in the videos and/or on the webpages. You can also access it at the end of your work so that you can see all your responses to the questions. This tool can be helpful for documenting your learning and referring to later or for sharing it with others in group discussions or as demonstration of your online progress.


This module is eligible for two (2) unit hours in the areas of EI developmental specialist/supervisor and EI service coordinator/supervisor as approved by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).


Table of Contents

Locked Pre-Assessment Locked Chapter 1: The Many Diagnostic Pathways Locked Chapter 2: Supporting Families with Discovery and Navigation Locked Chapter 3: Supporting Families to Connect and Network Locked Chapter 4: Supporting Families with Services and Goods Locked Module Summary Locked References Locked Post-Assessment Locked Survey