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Module Overview

Responding to Trauma and Supporting Resilience

Suite of Resources: Inclusive Early Care and Education Series

This module focuses on understanding trauma and how it can impact and influence children. Professionals will learn to recognize possible signs of trauma and identify practical strategies to build resilience along with connecting and engaging families with resources and supports.


  • Define trauma and its influence on development
  • Recognize concerns and help build resilience
  • Identify practical strategies to use during daily routines
  • Connect and engage families with resources and supports
Estimated Time to Complete: 1 1/4 hours

Credits: This module has received the Ohio Approved (OA) designation. This module is also eligible for one (1) unit hour in the area of developmental specialist/supervisor, EI service coordinator/supervisor as approved by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).

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Table of Contents

Locked Key Terms Locked Chapter 1: The Impact of Trauma Locked Chapter 2: The Whole Child and Signs of Trauma Locked Chapter 3: Young Children and Their Environments Locked Chapter 4: Digging Deeper Locked Chapter 5: Resilience, Attachment, and Attunement Locked Chapter 6, Part 1: Strategies to Support Resilience Locked Chapter 6, Part 2: Strategies to Support Resilience Locked Chapter 6, Part 3: Strategies to Support Resilience Locked Chapter 7: You are a Trusted Source Locked Post-Assessment Locked Survey
Module Resources and References