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Module Overview

We Can Do This, Right Where We Are

Suite of Resources: Inclusive Early Care and Education Series

This module is a first step in building the confidence and competence of early care and education professionals to welcome all children into your settings. Evidence-based strategies and approaches that create success in inclusive early care and education are presented, demonstrating that practical supports can be used with intention and purpose.


  • Build an inclusive environment
  • Use evidence-based practices
  • Identify practical strategies to use during your daily routines
  • Engage in effective communication with families
  • Connect with national, state, and local resources
Estimated Time to Complete: 1 1/4 hours

Credits: This module has received the Ohio Approved (OA) designation. This module is also eligible for one (1) unit hour in the area of developmental specialist/supervisor, EI service coordinator/supervisor as approved by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD).

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Table of Contents

Locked Key Terms Locked Chapter 1: Inclusion in Early Care and Education Locked Chapter 2: Evidence-Based Practice Locked Chapter 3: Data Collection, Teaming, and Collaboration Locked Chapter 4: Communicating with Families Locked Post-Assessment Locked Survey
Module Resources and References